HTTP Client Manager


HTTP Client Manager

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In this last year we started to work with Drupal 8 on new important and challenging projects. This 8th version, becomes more evident every day, changes drastically possible final scopes of using Drupal in enterprise and professional environments; now Drupal can act not only as CMS, but also offers a rich, stable and powerful platform to build great applications. In this scenario, one of the most frequent request is to publish data residents on third-party systems. 

This, usually, makes it necessary to consume a number of web services (with one or more endpoints, multiple operations, validations, parameters, ...). In these cases, what you need it is to avoid to write down HTTPS service calls each times specifying endpoint, parameters or validations in a totally decentralized way. This is the reason why was born HTTP Client Manager

HTTP Client Manager introduces a new Guzzle based plugin which allows you to manage HTTP clients using Guzzle Service Descriptions via JSON files, in a simple and efficient way.

The project is already active on (you can find it here:, downloadable via web (very very very highly discouraged!) or composer (very very very highly recommended!!!) in your Drupal instance. It contains also an "example module" very useful to immediately undestand how to extend module and define your services.

In the coming days we will deal with publishing structured documentation about it and give you more information about usage. For now we invite everyone to install and use it.
For any information, or bug or feature request, please contact us through the issue tracking system of

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